Easy Ways to Explain Things Like Wikis and RSS

I just discovered Common Craft, a husband and wife duo who have created a business out of explaining complicated things in easy-to-understand ways using fun videos.

Yesterday, a friend asked me how to subscribe to my blog. I said “Click the RSS feed in the top right corner,” wrongly assuming that she should know about RSS. Her response… “What in the world is RSS?” So I forwarded her the “RSS in Plain English” video from Common Craft.

Check out the “Podcasting in Plain English” video below. I love what the LeFevers have done with this venture. They’ve made explaining things like blogs, wikis and LinkedIn not only understandable – at least on a surface level – but each video is only three-to-five minutes long, which is a nice, bite-sized length of time.

If you want to see more of their work, visit The Common Craft Show page and scroll down.

*Image by TJ Scenes on Flickr and used under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

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3 responses to “Easy Ways to Explain Things Like Wikis and RSS

  1. What a great resource, thanks. I’ve seen their Twitter video but did not realize there was a whole series. I am someone who definitely likes to have technical things explained more than once – this is perfect! Cheers.

  2. I love Common Craft! Aside from the great information, there is something about the voice which is calming and personable.

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