Five Things Your Brand Must Embrace for Social Media Success: Part 4


This week, I’m passing along the five things your brand or client must embrace to increase its chances of executing a successful social media strategy, based on Geoff Livingston’s book Now is Gone with my own take and additions.

1. Give Up Control of the Message (click here to read)
2. Participate Within the Communities (click here to read)
3. Stakeholders Who are Social Media Savvy (click here to read)
4. Dedicate the Resources

People often underestimate the amount of time and energy that is required to execute a social media strategy well. Whether we’re talking about posting regularly to a corporate blog or creating a engaging Facebook group, it takes large doses of both to keep the efforts going. Remember Part 2 in this series? It’s all about participating and being a good neighbor.

If your brand sets up a Twitter account but never makes an update, your company gets a bum rap for that. (Or at least a few laughs among those in the Twitterverse) Likewise, no one will visit your blog if the last post was two months ago. Social media guru Mack Collier says that corporate blogs should have at least two new posts each week. In order to reap the benefits of social media, you have to participate regularly. And that takes time.

When planning your social media strategy, consider realistically how much time, energy and dollars it will take to implement it. If you’re not sure, ask someone who specializes in it for help. If your company can’t dedicate the resources needed to pull it off successfully, scale back or set it aside until you can.

Or approach the efforts differently. If your CEO can’t commit to posting regularly to a blog, make it a team effort and assemble a cross-functional group from marketing, sales, engineering, product development, customer service and other areas to post once a week or every two weeks.

Do you have other ideas for ways to share the load that would allow more companies to jump into social media?

*Image by Bart Hiddink and used under the Creative Commons Attribution License.

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One response to “Five Things Your Brand Must Embrace for Social Media Success: Part 4

  1. Love it. Keep going!

    We really try to have multiple voices to survive the times. It’s crazy.

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