I’d Like to Thank…

Let’s be honest. This blog would be pretty darn boring if it was just me talking to myself.

Luckily, some super smart folks jump in on posts and share their insights through comments. So I stop at the beginning of every month to say “thanks” to them for joining the conversation in the previous month.

Thanks to each of these fine folks for taking time to comment in September:

Katie Paine, Amber Naslund, Cyrkle Lomax, Elaine Armstrong, , Sonny Gill, Kirk Phillips, Kellye Crane, Jay Ehret, Brad Mays, Keith Parnell, The Puck, Paul Ardoin, Mike Gullatt, Lindsey Levy, James Walker, Lisa Mabe, PR Jack, Megan Hofmann, Joshua Stecker, Jan Tallent, Craig McGill, Harry Hoover, Lara Kretler, Shannon Paul, Scott Roche, Scott Meis

If you’d like to join the conversation, consider subscribing to my blog. You’ll get new posts delivered directly to you when I write them and you can choose to get them in your favorite feed reader or in your e-mail inbox.

Here’s looking forward to more great exchanges in October!

*Image by Paul Downey.

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5 responses to “I’d Like to Thank…

  1. Here’s my link:) No problem…your blog is EXCELLENT!

  2. Hey, it was awesome e-meeting you this week David! Definitely look forward to sharing more great info in the future. Thanks again!

  3. This is a nice way to “give back” to your readers with a heart-felt thank you ~ I know that I am thrilled with every comment I get and am always looking for ways to tighten up that connection. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Thanks David! Always a pleasure reading your insightful posts.

  5. Thanks for the appreciation, David!

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