October Thanks


I know the truth. You come to this little corner of the online world as much for the incredibly insightful comments that others leave as you do for the posts I write, right? Heck, some may come just for the comments.

That’s why I like to stop and say “thanks” each month to those who commented in the previous month. It’s not a groundbreaking, cutting-edge idea, by any means. But I do think that we don’t say “thanks” enough as it is these days.

So, thanks to:

Shannon Paul, Todd And, Geoff Livingston, Jeremy Pepper, Amber Naslund, Todd Defren, Mike Volpe, Libby Krah, Lara Kretler, Cyrkle Lomax, Sonny Gill, Jess Sanders, Jack Wojcicki, Nikki Stephan, Michael Savoni, Megan Maguire, Stephanie Elsea, Lindsey Levy, Kellye Crane, Rick Adams, Susan Iskiwitch, Brad Mays, Martin Waxman, Leo Bottary, Amybeth Hale, Scott Meis, Lisa Mabe, Ed Nicholson, Albert Maruggi, Neal Jansons, Kristin Kalscheur, Kathleen Moriarty, Chepchumba, Iggy Pintado, Richie Escovedo, Mel Webster, Elaine Armstrong, Kirk Phillips, Catherine Allen, Lauren Almaguer, Jen Wilbur, Megan Hofmann, Daniel Lally, Scott Scotch, Phil Baumann, Mark Sullivan, Christian Fisher, Ari Herzog, Karen Heenan-Davies, Evgeniy Tic, Jen Knoedl, LaDonna Coy, Scott Roche, Sims Bulluck, Martha Keeley, Dave Maskin, Jonathon Westenberg, Frank Feather, Lee Freedman, Devasis Chattopadhyay, Udai Jain, Ahmnodt Heare, Stephen Koenigsberg, Mark Tosczak, Jeff Davis, Sherry Carr Deer, Patrick Evans, Paul Matson, Josh Sternberg, Bettina Forbes, James Walker, Christine Needles, Craig McGill, Ari Adler, Laura Bergells, Jen Wilbur, Sandra Proulx, Joshua Stecker, Nicole Hamilton, Jill Foster, Brian Camen, Kathryn Williford, Barb Chamberlain, Dwayne Waite

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*Image by Joi Ito.

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10 responses to “October Thanks

  1. David,

    I think this is an awesome gesture, and I’m more than delighted to be a part of your community. Thanks for letting me play in your sandbox. 🙂


  2. Thanks David for the kindness and open attitude toward other viewpoints.

  3. Much appreciated David! Love reading and providing my two cents on your insightful posts.

    Look forward to more 🙂

  4. My pleasure, David.

    Though you do realize I wouldn’t comment my thoughts if you didn’t inspire me in the first place!

    So… THANK YOU!

  5. As with the above posters, thanks for the kindness. While we don’t know each other, it’s been interesting to see the communications industry adapt to a community-based structure. It’s nice to see people put the “relations” back into PR. Well done!

  6. I have to agree with everyone else. I’m delighted to be a part of your community and read about your insights.

  7. Very cool gesture. You’re welcome!

    And–perhaps not incidentally–seeing this come up in my Social Media Firehose search on my own name (which comes in very handy) brought me back to the blog. I wonder if everyone who commented ended up making a trip back. (I’m a subscriber too, but this seems like a great technique for re-engaging people who cared enough to comment.)


  8. Aww, David. You really are great about acknowledging your community. Thank you. 🙂

  9. you really are so awesome to acknowledge everyone so often! thanks!!

  10. Devasis Chattopadhyay

    Thank you.

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