Twitter Starter Pack: 50 People You Should Follow


You know how some things you buy – gaming systems, golf club sets for kids, etc. – come in starter packs that give you the goods you need to get started right out of the box.

Consider this your Starter Pack for great marketing, advertising, PR and social media people to follow on Twitter. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been tweeting for a while, I’d highly recommend making sure each of these folks is on your list.

In completely random order…

Amber Naslund (@ambercadabra)               Matt Batt (@storyassistant)
Scott Meis (@scottmeis)                                    Arik Hanson (@arikhanson)
Beth Harte (@bethharte)                                   Shannon Paul (@shannonpaul)
Edward Boches (@edwardboches)                Narciso Tovar (@narciso17)
Rachel Kay (@rachelakay)                                Lauren Fernandez (@cubanaLAF)
Jason Falls (@jasonfalls)                                    Geoff Livingston (@geoffliving)
Jack Wojcicki (@prjack)                                     Danny Brown (@dannybrown)
Ari Herzog (@ariherzog)                                    Adam Needles (@abneedles)
Brad Mays (@bradmays)                                    Chuck Hemann (@chuckhemann)
Dave Fleet (@davefleet)                                      Patrick Evans (@patrickrevans)
Rick Liebling (@eyecube)                                   Heather Huhman (@heatherhuhman)
Justin Levy (@justinlevy)                                  Kelley Crane (@kellyecrane)
Sonny Gill (@sonnygill)                                       Kirk Phillips (@kirkphillips)
Todd Defren (@tdefren)                                       Lisa Hoffmann (@lisahoffmann)
Libby Krah (@libbykrah)                                    Lara Kretler (@larak)
Sarah Evans (@prsarahevans)                          Mack Collier (@mackcollier)
Ann Handley (@marketingprofs)                     Terry Morawski (@morate)
Richie Escovedo (@vedo)                                   Linda Jacobson (@quepr)
Amybeth Hale (@researchgoddess)               Jen Wilbur (@rockstarjen)
Rohit Bhargava (@rohitbhargava)                  Scott Hepburn (@scotthepburn)
Susan Isk (@susanisk)                                           Kathleen Moriarty (@trendsaddict)
Scott Stratten (@unmarketing)                         Lauren Vargas (@vargasl)
Olivier Blanchard (@thebrandbuilder)          Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan)
Mandy Vavrinak (@mvavrinak)                       Lisa Dilg (@pprlisa)
Christine Perkett (@missusP)                             Chris Abraham (@chrisabraham)

Wait! Before you run off and follow these great minds, do us all a favor and share a comment with a few of your favorite people to follow on Twitter.

*Image by Ibrahim Iujaz.

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70 responses to “Twitter Starter Pack: 50 People You Should Follow

  1. Excellent list! I’d definitely add –
    Allan Schoenberg (@allanschoenberg)
    Mike Pilarz (@mpilarz)
    Jennifer Mitchell (@jenmitch)
    Shonali Burke (@shonali)

  2. David,

    Thanks for including me on your list! And I was surprised how many of these folks I wasn’t already following (but am now!).

    To add to Amy Mengel’s list:

    Barbara Nixon (@barbaranixon)
    Kristen Turley (@kristen_okla)
    Alec Rosen (@alecjr)

  3. Great list, David! I’ll be sure to share it with my students at Georgia Southern.

    And I’d also add:

    Ike Pigott @ikepigott
    Andy Carvin @acarvin
    Bill Sledzik @billsledzik

  4. Thanks for including me, David. Love the idea of a “starter pack.”

  5. Great post. It’s like a super dose of #followfriday. Here are my top five recommends:
    Casey Wright ( @caseywright )
    Tim Siedell ( @badbanana )
    John Roderick (@johnroderick )
    Penelope Trunk ( @penelopetrunk )
    Chris Gemignani ( @chrisgemignani )

  6. Yes, the ‘starter pack’ concept is sharp. I could see this as an offering for clients looking to get involved in social media.

    Thanks for including me in your ‘Marketers’ starter pack.

  7. Thank you for including me on your list! I am excited to meet new people and provide my thoughts on digital strategy from a “professional twentysomething.” Watch out for me in the next few weeks, I have some big news!

  8. Thank you – this is great. I would definitely add:


  9. Great list!

    Thanks for taking the time to compile it.

    Off the cuff, I would have to add:




    And I know I’m probably omitting a few myself…

  10. I’d also throw in @conniereece (Connie Reece), @conversationage (Valeria Maltoni) and @cbensen (Connie Bensen) into the mix. All great smart ladies that are prominent on Twitter 🙂

    Thanks for putting my name with these smarties!

  11. …and this TWITTER starter pack is NOT SOLD IN STORES.

    No kit would be complete without this amazing person:

    @brandonuttley/Brandon Uttley. If it wasn’t for him I would’ve never jumped into the twitter and Social Media stream.

    …BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! These influencial attachments allow you to make BIG things happen in a short amount of time…(and in tight corners):


    Stand by to order.

  12. Wow David, what a great list. I must admit, I already do follow most on this list, but what is your criteria since it may differ from others?
    I would add @pchaney @ambercadabra and @davidalston and @jowyang. all give great insight and perspective

  13. Really nice list. I am personal friends with many of these people and can attest to their brilliance! Also found a few I didn’t know about, so thanks. – @kamichat

  14. Wow, thanks David, truly an honor. Great resources here. I’ll throw @jaywalk1 and @mattdickman both in the mix. Had a killer time down in NC this weekend, love that state.

  15. David, you always have the best ideas! In my opinion, far too many Twitter lists focus only on the big names — and those folks tend to have limited time to interact with newbies. I certainly wish there had been a Starter Pack like this when I first started.

    I’m honored to be included, and I’d also add Kami Huyse – @kamichat – who is a brilliant PR leader. Thanks for the list!

  16. David,
    I’m honored to be included in the original starter pack! Youza!

    Here’s a couple more who add flavor:
    Jane (@janeco)
    Tim Otis (@timotis)
    David Guenthner (@davidguenthner)
    Steve (@wordjones)

    Thanks for sharing this bit of wisdom!

  17. Wow. honored to be included. thanks!

  18. Thanks for the list David, I’ll add a link to a blog post I’m writing.
    My starter pack would include UberTwitterers @chrisbrogan, @pistachio and the Top 50 Celebrities on Twitter

  19. I’d also totally follow that dmullen guy (but I guess most of you already are).

  20. by the way, I totally agree with Barb. @BillSledzik would be an excellent addition to this list.

  21. I suppose a starter set never hurt anyone and you’d at least get some really “talkative” people on them.

    But the real value is going to come from either meeting these people at some point and connecting with them, or just removing them from your lists all together.

    Focus on who you want to follow as it pertains to your personal career & interests. Just following whoever happens to be “popular”… that’s kind of cheesy and you’re going to miss real opportunities.. not to mention you’re going to have a crazy twitter stream.

  22. Great additions from everyone.

    @ernesto – I’m a little confused why you assume I highlighted people because they’re “popular.” Everyone on this list is highlighted because they share great information and insights that help me grow in my personal career and interests. In fact, a good portion of the people on this list have less than 1,000 followers. Several have less than 500.

    To clarify, I didn’t pick people based on the number of followers they have. I picked them based on the value they share.

  23. David,
    Thanks for another great post!
    It’s a great list, so it ‘s hard to add suggestions. I might also suggest-

  24. David, I meant that in general, the practice of following popular folks, not such a good idea.
    I didn’t mean to imply that this list was like that.. clearly its not.


    “50 People You Should Follow” is quite a statement. Why?

    I mean, we all see similar posts like these all the time… (Top Ten Must Follow!)… so perhaps as a suggestion, getting some insight from you about each one would help. May be a sentence or two would be more helpful than just dropping a list.

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  27. The value of a thing is a subjective judgment so naturally everyone on Twitter would have a different list of who is valuable in their personal and professional lives.

    There is no definitive list of the most important people to follow on Twitter but thanks for pointing out some people I hadn’t heard of until today. I always appreciate people sharing their recommendations.

  28. @liz – you’re welcome. and that’s all this list is. My recommendations on people who share great value as I define it. Of course, there are lots more people that I follow who also share great value, but I had to stop somewhere. 🙂

  29. Honored to be included with such company as Amber Naslund, Dave Fleet and Danny Brown. These are some of the folks I look up to, consult with and consider mentors in the SM/PR space.

    In addition to @allanschoenberg and @shonali, who @amymengel mentioned above (must follows IMHO), I’d add from the MN/Twin Cities market:

    * @dfolkens
    * @jillianf
    * @jasonsprenger
    * @evaekeiser
    * @kellygroehler
    * @perfectporridge
    * @mjkeliher
    * @bloisolson
    * @leeaase
    * @beehivepr

  30. @Arik Hanson: Aw, shucks. Thanks!

    This is quite the list you have going on here.

  31. I think @Ernesto ‘s point has some validity in the sense that lists, regardless of subject matter, tend to fall under a “most popular” stereotype. The true value of a list is to provide a source of information and to share that with others. That is what I find here. I have found some new faces that I look forward to connecting with. Thank you for putting this together.

  32. I have gotten a ton of e-mails from new people following me today, and I couldn’t figure out what was going on! I feel like a celebrity 🙂

  33. Once again, thanks a million for the hat tip. Your single Mr.Pibb is now upgraded to a six pack, next time I see you. It will be the nice plastic bottles too, not those tiny, sampler cans. Rock on, and keep up the smart blogging!

  34. David – this is a great list. As a fellow PR person, you have captured a number of the people I find myself interacting with the most. My favorite part about Twitter is following peers to talk shop and share perspectives and this list will help us all get connected. Thanks for including me on a list of such awesome creatives!

    To provide my own thoughts in response to Ernesto’s comment, the key element to Twitter is dialogue, and all of the people on this list are very active in the sharing of ideas, participation in chats and offering of opinions when it comes to marketing, PR and SM. David Mullen himself is a great example of someone I look too not because of his Twitter popularity but because of his insight into my own industry. If people are looking to get some vocal opinions or start a conversation with industry peers, I’d say this is a great starting point!

  35. David, thanks so much for including me! Pressure’s on now 🙂

    As some folks talked about above, we all have different reasons for following or recommending others. I could build many different categories of people to follow (PR/marketing, web 2.0/tech, healthcare, parenting, marathon/running, reporters, fashion, etc.) – so I appreciate you qualifying this list as you did at the beginning. Even then, folks give you a hard time on why you list who you did (re: the comment above on popularity).

    As you know, popularity on Twitter is only built if you engage others – and the value of that engagement depends on what you are interested in and why you are on Twitter in the first place. So thank you for this list, I personally found it valuable and of course am appreciative of the inclusion.


  36. How about…..David Gregory, Ryan Seacrest, Today Show, Al Gore

  37. I’m so late in responding here, David, but thanks for including me in such an esteemed list of people. And there are TONS of great recommendations in the comments above, and a few new people for me to check out.

    Thanks, as always, for sharing what you find valuable. Great stuff.


  38. Thanks for all of the insider tips on your blog. I have learned alot following your insight. I look forward to more!

    In liberty,


  39. Dave

    Thanks for the tips – excellent list.

    Here are my top 12 list of Australians who should be considered too! There are also currently 660+ registered members of the Aussies on Twitter group:


    Cheers, Iggy

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  41. Hey there David,

    Nice resource for newer Twitter users (and experienced ones!). Cheers for the kind inclusion, mighty kind of you sir. 🙂

    To the great names that are already in your list and the comments, I’d certainly add:

    Jason Tryfon @jasontryfon
    Lizz Harmon @lizzharmon
    Seth Simonds @sethsimonds
    David Jones @doctorjones
    David Henderson @davidhenderson
    Scott Monty @scottmonty
    Scott Henderson @scottyhendo
    John Haydon @johnhaydon
    Jacob Morgan @jmorgan
    Daniel Patricio @danielpatricio
    Tim Jahn @timjahn
    Drew Weaver @drewmaniac

  42. @Twitter_Tips is great for newer twitter users.

  43. Gracias David! You made what was already a great birthday for me even better to be included in your list. It was quite impressive to see this list get so much traction today.

  44. You clearly missed the most important and influential twitterer of them all.

    You. @dmullen.

    Can’t have a list and not include yourself.

    Thanks for the shout!

  45. Brilliant list! Thank you for including me! Those minds will definitely inspire!

  46. I love lists like these that are truly based on value and not popularity. And its fun to see people I’m already following on there as well as people I hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting (tweeting?) yet.

    Thanks for putting this together!

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  48. Ari Herzog??? All due respect… but are you kidding me? Seriously his mamby pamby response back to you proves he’s just as clueless.

    On the list must be ppl like

    just to name a few. Ari??? LOL

  49. This is a great starter kit & one I just forwarded on to several marketing professionals asking, “how do I find people to follow on Twitter?!” Great timing! This saves me a little time walking them through useful services like TweetLater, Twellow and others.

    Also, I’m honored to have made the list…thanks David!

  50. Very extensive list, there mister! Thanks also for including me. I’m always way too chicken to make a list because I’m afraid of leaving someone off and hurting his/her feelings. If I ever made a list, you would be on it for sure. 🙂 If I had to add anyone it would be:

    Tim Jackson – @timjackson
    Lori Russo – @lorirusso
    Oz Sultan – @ozsultan
    Jeremy Tanner – @penguin
    Kaitlyn Wilkins – @catchuplady
    Adrian Pittman – @adrianpittman
    Shauna Nicholson – @shaunan
    Lauren Beyer – @ltbeyer
    Francois Gossieauz – @fgossieaux
    Shiela Viers – @livewell360
    Aaron Strout – @aaronstrout
    Jason Peck – @jasonpeck
    Colin Browning – @crbrowning
    Jim Storer – @jimstorer
    Jonathan Coffman – @jdcoffman

    Okay, I have to STOP, but there are lots more. *If your name is not listed above, I am sorry. Please don’t hate me or have hurt feelings. Thank you.

  51. Another interesting list to top up my follows. I think any recommendations I might have (not following too many just yet) have already been covered.


  52. i’d add the following to your list:

  53. Thanks, David… I am honored to be included with so many great people. I’ve also noted some from your list that I’m going to follow, too.

    I’d second recommendations for
    and add @1080Group and @OutlawMarketer

    I’ve learned so much from those I follow and think of Twitter as my collective brain. Thanks for sharing some new, valuable brain cells to add!

  54. I also get great info from:


  55. Great list, was surprised to see some of the people on the list.

    I have to recommend two more people you should follow

    Ian Sohn @IanSohn
    Karl Long @karllong

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  57. Hi David, thanks so much for adding me to your list, it made my day! 🙂 I am friends with a lot of the folks you listed…I totally respect them and have learned a lot from them too. It’s also great to get your recommendation for some new folks to chat with & learn from…

    I’d also add:

    Deb Robison @DebinDenver
    Connie Reece @ConnieReece
    Gennefer Snowfield @Acclimedia
    Anna Barcelos @ABarcelos
    Bert DuMars @bwdumars
    Michele Wolverton @chelpixie
    Christina Kerley (CK) @ckEpiphany
    Mayra Ruiz @marketingmisfit
    Arié Moyal (@amoyal)
    Gabriel Rossi (@gabrielrossi)
    Allen Weiss (@allenweiss)
    Lauren Vargas (@vargasl)
    Sonali Burke (@shonali)
    Aaron Strout (@aaronstrout)
    Adam Choen (@adamcohen)
    Becky Carroll (@bcarrol7)
    Connie Bensen (@cbensen)

  58. Great list, although i am not sure how @mashable did not make your list. I have found his posts to be some of the more insightful and relevant of any others on this list. Also, any marketing, advertising, and PR professionals will also want to add @akaliko for the pending release of some info on some powerful tools for those in the industry.

  59. @garyvee

    Great list! Almost to much content here

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  63. mycreativeteam

    I’d add @93octane for his humorous approach to life and work, email guru @gregcangialosi, the Greenville, SC PR firm twittering under @BrainsonFire, @mrchristopherl, and designer @budesigns

  64. It cut me off at 60 so I’ll need to get more followers so I can follow more people and add your full list. A must follow for me is Peter Shankman @skydiver As the co-owner of a small (and growing) business, Jack’s Harvest frozen organic baby food, trying to juggle doing our own PR and marketing I’m excited to find all these great resources. Thanks!

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  66. I am honored to be included on this list (Thanks Dave!).

    If I were to make additions, I’d say:
    Dave Benjamin (@DaveBenjamin) – the person that explained to me yesterday the probable reason behind my jump in Twitter followers. For that alone, I must give him a shout!
    David Damore (@Admore)
    Milena Thomas (@meloncamp)
    Natasha Wescoat (@natashawescoat)

  67. Oops! Wrong blog post, it was meant for Ken’s. I still stand by my contributions though!

  68. Great list. I would also add Youth and Lifestyle Marketer Caleb AKA StuntMan. His life is so interesting.

  69. Molly Hughes (@Mollyinfolode)

  70. How could you have not included Rick Duncan in your list … I hear big things about world domination

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