What’s Your Favorite “Unknown” Blog to Read?


As the occupier of a low rung on the blog-o-sphere’s proverbial ladder myself, I’m a big fan of finding people who are producing great content but still flying under the radar. That’s why I loved this post from Lisa Hoffmann, who got the idea from Jessica Gottlieb.

Here’s the gist: use the comments to share a link to your favorite not-yet-discovered blogger or two and a few lines about why their blogs are worthy of your selection. Then we’ll all have a nice list with which to update our feed readers.

I’ll kick it off with a few you may not have heard of yet. I’d highly recommend subscribing to each of them.

Social Media Snippets by Scott Meis
Scott shares great tips and tools for PR pros working in or interested in the social media space. His posts are chock full of practical know-how on leveraging social tools in meaningful ways for brands. (Scott’s RSS feed)

PR Start by Nick Lucido
I sometimes forget that Nick is still in college. He’s a smart kid with a unique perspective. With future pros like Nick waiting in the wings, our industry will only get better. (Nick’s RSS feed)

Client Service Insights by Leo Bottary
Leo freely shares great tips on delivering exceptional client service, all gleaned from more than 25 years in the PR business. (Leo’s RSS feed)

Your turn. Who do you want to spotlight? Please share links to their blogs, as well.

*Image by Colin Alexander.

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22 responses to “What’s Your Favorite “Unknown” Blog to Read?

  1. I too admire and enjoy reading Nick Lucido’s blog. I also want to give a shout out to two more college students who are doing really great things with their blogs:

    Lauren Rabaino — Interact http://www.rabaino.com/lauren/blog/
    Rachel Esterline — A Step Ahead http://www.rachelmesterline.com/astepahead/

  2. Thank you!! I appreciate the shout out!

  3. I really like the following:

    The Creative Career by Allie Osmar: http://www.thecreativecareer.com/
    Ms Career Girl: http://www.mscareergirl.com/
    Janet Aronica’s blog: http://janetaronica.com/
    Newly Corporate: http://newlycorporate.com/

    There are many more…

    I also like to read PR Start.

  4. Few of my faves (agree on Scott’s by the way):

    * Mengel’s Musings: http://mengelmusings.wordpress.com/ by @amymengel

    * LAF: http://laurenafernandez.wordpress.com/ by @cubanalaf

    * The Spinks Blog: http://davidspinks.com/ by @davidspinks

    * Waxing Unlyrical: http://www.waxingunlyrical.com/ by @shonali

  5. Thanks, David.

    I really enjoy:
    –Communications Conversations by Arik Hanson – http://www.communicationsconversations.blogspot.com/

    –Ryan Stephens Marketing, by Ryan Stephens – http://ryanstephensmarketing.com/blog/

    Many others as well, but these are among the first blogs I read on a regular basis.

  6. I’m a finance person so my favorites are money related, except one.

    http://www.Clusterstock.com (finance gossip)
    http://www.behaviorgap.com (great finance comics)
    http://www.veryevolved.com (written by a neuroscientist and he’s got some serious writing skills)

    My blog ain’t half bad either.

  7. Thanks David! Much appreciated. As Rachel notes, Allie Osmar does a great blog for young PR pros and I’ll also throw Taylor Graves in the mix:


    Nice balance of pr/social media insight and relating back to life lessons.

  8. of course i like our blog

    others that i enjoy…
    Speak Media Blog: http://www.speakmediablog.com/
    Sports Marketing and PR Roundup: http://joefavorito.com/

  9. Thank you Scott!

    This was a great post as it introduced me to some great blogs.. nick etc.

    Great stuff David.

  10. Hi David,

    Thanks for including me on this list! Here are a couple of blogs I highly recommend. The first one is outside the PR realm, but it’s a nice supplement to any blog list:

    Pick the Brain – a blog about motivation and productivity – http://www.pickthebrain.com

    Two fellow MSU students graduating soon just started blogs, and they both have pretty awesome ideas:

    I’m Working On It by Becky Johns (@beckyjohns) – http://beckyjohns.wordpress.com/

    You Know You Were Thinking It by Jenni Lewis (@jennilewis) – http://jennilewis.wordpress.com

  11. @David – Glad you guys are taking the time to recognize some blogs that are flying under the radar. I enjoy Scott’s blog, and think it was a great blog to recognize.

    Will definitely be checking out the others as well. I will also second Rachel’s mention of Allie’s Creative Career. It frequently turns up on my top 10 Gen Y blog list.

    Finally, I really want to thank Jason for the kind words, and for sending me over to the post!


  12. Ian Merritt’s Photo Blog (or then is it a Phlog?)…

    ALSO- my sister, Maeve’s, former blog recounting her time in China last year:
    (maybe we can get her to revive it!!).

  13. Check out http://www.graymatterminute.com for useful social media insight and tips.

  14. I enjoy reading

    She isn’t newnew but I find I’m one of a handful of male readers so she’s pretty unknown in that realm.

    Funny & helpful.

    Great post.
    Thanks for the links to explore.

    Chris Harrison

  15. Great career and professional advice – Debra Wheatman is all over the place – forbes.com, NJBreakfastclub.com, Fox Business news, NYT. But her own blog is pretty new. If you are looking for work or trying to excel at the one you have now Debra’s insight is deep, baby, deep.


  16. For business:

    – Fruitful: http://brand.blogs.com/mantra/
    – Marketshift Strategies: http://blog.marketshiftstrategies.com/
    – The Selling Sherpa: http://sellingsherpa.typepad.com/
    – Training Marketer: http://trainingtime.wordpress.com/

    For fun:

    – Overheard in PDX: http://overheardinpdx.blogspot.com/

  17. So many great unknowns! Here’s a few of my faves:

    http://www.mikearauz.com/ (thoughtful social media)
    http://theshortestblogintheworld.com/ (so short! So much fun!)
    http://www.obsessedwithconformity.com/ (advertising, sm, random creative stuff)
    http://ittybiz.com/ (marketing and biz with a sense of humor)

  18. I don’t know how known or unknown they are, but here are three of my must-reads:

    http://brandinsightblog.com/ by John Furgurson

    http://www.dennymarketing.com/ “Note to CMO” by Stephen Denny

    http://scalableintimacy.com/ by Mike Troiano

    All provide thought-provoking marketing insights.

    Thanks, David!

  19. Is the criteria low traffic blogs or people who should have a more recognized presence?

    If it’s the former, I recommend http://timjahn.com/blog by Tim Jahn. Great and punchy yet relatively unknown blog.

    If it’s the latter, I’d go with http://dannybrown.me by Danny Brown. This blogger sits easily alongside the likes of Chris Brogan and Jason Falls as a thought leader for ideas.

    Good to know I’m reading some of the recommendations so far as well.

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  21. http://writingroads.com/blog/

    Julie is a great writer with content that brings insight and real value-add. I also like the look and feel of her site.

    I am also a fan of Nathan Bransford:
    He tells it like it is for anyone remotely interested in getting something published. He offers great tips and hints and an inside look at the publishing world.

  22. Hello!
    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

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